A revolutionary new scoliosis bracing system using modern computerized modeling technology
March 9, 2017


The L.A. BraceTM is a new bracing technology, hence few scientific studies have yet to be done. However, The L.A. BraceTM is an advanced rigid bracing system, hence in addition to The L.A. BraceTM studies, we can assume The L.A. BraceTM will perform at least as well as the best other published rigid bracing systems, while having the additional benefits of more consistency and being a lower profile brace. In particular the Cheneau brace studies have the greatest relevance being of similar design principles as The LA BraceTM.

1. Unpublished – 2003 Review of New CADCAM Bracing System.

“A preliminary study of 15 patient prescribed and fitted with The L.A. BraceTM in the San Fernando Valley presented an average in-brace correction of 50%.”

2. Kessler J Efficacy of a new computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacture orthoses in the treatment of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. J Ped Orthop B 2008;17:207-211

“40 patients with an average scoliosis of 31.1 degrees were fitted with The L.A. BraceTM and demonstrated 50% average in-brace correction.”

3. Bowman G The LA Brace – Description and Discussion.Physical Therapy Theory and Practice. 2011;27(1):68-73

4a. Unpublished – 2007 Review of 10 patients transferred from other brace system to L.A. BraceTM. Patient Questionnaire

  L.A. BraceTM Other TLSO No Difference
Which brace was more comfortable ? 6 2 1
Which brace was less bulky and easier to disguise in your clothing ? 9 0 0
Which was easier to put on ? 5 3 1
Which brace did you prefer ? 6 2 1

There are several different designs of LA Brace (see Brace Information page), but for most designs, The LA Brace is relatively easy to disguise with the right type of clothing.

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Scoliosis Brace Outcomes Comparison

Successful treatment is considered the prevention of curve progression of 6 degrees or greater. The percentage probability of success for different bracing systems is reported in scientific journals as follows:

1. Bunnell WP 1986 The natural history of idiopathic scoliosis before skeletal maturity. Spine 11:773-776.

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